Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Saki kigurumi mask and costume completed.

Just completed Sainte's mask order today. It is a Saki kigurumi mask and costume from the anime Steel Angel Kurumi.
I have vague memories about this show, its an anime aired more than a decade ago afterall.
For those who are interested to find out more, hit Google and search for Steel Angel Kurumi, it has 2 seasons in total.

Like every time, I can't wait for Sainte to try it out.
I believe Hotaru and Sainte are both Finlanders and I wish to congratulate Finland for having the growth in Kiguurmi Cosplayers~

Kinda glad that Hotaru will now get a companion to do kigurumi cosplays with. Its so difficult to find kigurumi cosplay companions around.

Hotaru's website can be access from the URL below:

The related forum thread for the Saki mask and costume can be found here:

With the costume, I talked in the forums about some parts which I need to tweak a little before sending.
This costume has so many parts, I can't recall if any of my own costumes came in so many pieces.
If you take a look at the picture on here,  there are 12 pieces.
Looks like it will be fun to wear that~

Another update is that I've recently added over 3000 pictures to the gallery section.
Other members have been actively putting their own favourites up, I'm glad for that.
Do drop by the gallery to check out the newly added images, and you're always welcomed to add some pictures of your own.

With the Saki mask out of the way, I'll have more time to work on the new Saya Dark Elf mask as well as other projects.

Until then, take care and hope to see you on the chatbox~^_^

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Post reaper mortem~

It has been a very busy fortnight, and thus the lack of updates. Work in kigurumi is being done, but just not been written up yet.
So I thought what would be a better time now, that I've got some free time to talk about some happenings in the eventful two weeks.
Some of you may have known, the Facebook reaper (aka FB Shinigami) paid me a visit two weeks ago and I've been reverted back into a baby~
And to make my baby life more miserable, Facebook disallowed me from adding friends for a week, so while I can accept people's requests, I can't add people on my own.
Its like having my hands tied up while trying to clap hehe~
Good thing its over now.
For adventurous friends out there, apparently the Facebook reaper deals a damage of over 1500 per hit.
Took all my life out with one blow.
I'm begining to guess that its a storyline event and cannot be avoided in any way lols~
Well, anyway my character has since then been recovered and can be readded into your party of friends~^^
Do add me if we're in the same party before, my new  ID is Wyu Ri
wyurisu @ gmail . com
I heard that some people have the Facebook reaper visit them almost a handful of times.
Thats kind of worrying, I wonder if there is any item which can ward them off.
Well I guess that means I've just had my first time, and no longer a virgin in this matters~ ^_^
Remember to add me again okie~^_^
A few things which I've been working on lately.
I added a new video on to my Youtube account, its just a casually taken video, nothing professional.
Do check it out below.

Just felt like taking some pictures with my iphone, its quick, easy and doesn't take a lot of effort to get dressed up.
I should consider doing that more often hehe
Posted some pictures from the zipai(self shoot) below.
I also learnt one thing about the Iphone4.
I'm pretty sure I already knew this, but it is my first time seeing its effects and that is the front facing camera on the Iphone4 is very much lower quality than the back facing one.
I was quite marvelled by the camera on the Iphone4 (the back camera) which takes really good pictures, which made me forgot that the front one which is hardly used, is not as good.
Nevertheless, the front facing camera is superb for doing zipai(self shots).
The pictures are of Asuka in an Arena gray full body swim suit, heading to the beach anyone?
I hope you will like the pictures taken below~<3

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Asuka nurse uniform pictures added to gallery.

Check for more updates

More pictures from Asuka in her nurse outfit has been added and the entire album has been uploaded onto the image gallery.
I feel that this photoshoot is one of Asuka's cutest outfits, I really like it a lot.
The gallery for the images can be found in my gallery album located at the link here:

Let's talk about some recent updates. The Mini-Chatroom seems to be proving itself a hit.
I initially wanted it to just make it more convenient for users to leave messages for each other in the forums, but it seems because its much easier to use, and allows cute avatars of users to interact with, its become more frequently used than the video chatroom.

I chanced upon it when least expecting it, and after seeing the outcome, you realise how useful it is.
Its part of the forums, so users can read updates and chat about them at the same time.

In comparison to my standalone video chatroom, which is just a chatroom, its less colourful, thus easy to get bored of quickly.

What I really liked about it is that it is mobile device friendly, I can use it on my iphone by just browsing to the web page as its not flash or some software.
Quite thankful to the writer of this widget.
Today, I added the open to let the chat page open up independently on a separate window, so users who just want to chat on their mobile while on the go, can free up resources by not having to load the full long forum page. Phew Long sentence is long.

I hope that it will be easier now to join us in chatting even on your mobile device.

Phew talking about mobile device, I haven't even started editing the mobile website version.
It probably will take some time with so many other things I want to do now hehe.

The blinking mask project has made quite a lot of progress and the picton position has been changed. The overall sliding eye cover design has been taken apart and redesigned too, I just didn't have time to post some updates on it. I will very soon, do stay tuned for the test-type to emerge soon~^_^

The Saki mask project and costume are into its final phase, the costume is completed and the mask is almost ready to be painted.
Been working on a side project these couple of days, and it seems to be taking up all my attention, but yeah, its that exciting.
I hopefully it can be announced soon, but there are many things which are only at the beginning stages.
I hope to get as much help i can get so each of us working on the project will have a lighter load.

After all these are finished, I hope I can start making a new mask model too.
Its been so long since any new models have emerged, I hope to get all the major work completed in the next 3 weeks to move on to the next project~^_^

Until then, stay tuned~

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Project Hatsune Miku

I have been slow to grow a liking for Hatsune Miku even though I was well aware of her popularity since a few years ago. I think it must have been the latest 3D virtual concert and improved songs with excellent dancing which made me fall in love with her. And as with any anime character I love, I would invite them into the real world.
Well, I'm definitely not the first who tried to do a kigurumi cosplay of Hatsune Miku, kinda not in line with most of my cosplay choices, but well... first in the english speaking world seems good enough~^_^
I have started resuming the blinking eye kigurumi mask project simultaneously with the Project Miku~
With that, I am trying to debut the Hatsune Miku kigurumi cosplay with the blink-able kigurumi mask. I am not sure how long will it take, I am currently trying to solve another problem.
Do come back into the blinking eye project thread and help me with your ideas to the new and challenging problems~^_^;
One reason that the blinking eye project is taking so long is because the seller for the battery component of my design has failed to send me the correct items.
As mentioned in the thread as well, the seller made a mistake in my shipment not once, but twice, sending me crap stuff that I cannot use.
For the record, they are also the first seller on Ebay which I have given a negative feedback to. Never thought this day would come.
As of now, I have yet received the correct items, I hope it comes in fine now, or this seller would have been a three time commiter of ridiculous mistake.
Due to a small number of requests, I started another kigurumi bodysuit mass order. Both Normal and High Quality suit orders are accepted.
Some time back, I stopped accepting orders for Normal quality kigurumi bodysuits as they are not really as durable as the HQ ones.
But of late, there are a few friends who are just starting up kigurumi and wishes for a place to get cheap yet good coloured bodysuits.
So I've decided to resume making them. Afterall, I think all the sellers only sell HQ bodysuits and no normal quality more economical ones, that makes it hard for some.
If you are interested, please head to the forum page and voice your interest.
I just need you to tell me your height and weight, and size of the suit.
Feel free to ask any questions there as well.
I have some updates for the Saki kigurumi mask and costume which I am working on for Sainte. I patched up the mask today with filler, and will sand it smooth tomorrow.
Cannot wait for it to finish as Sainte and Hotaru, both Finlanders will be able to kig together~^_^
Thank them so much for pioneering kigurumi in Finland~ THE LAND OF THE LEVA'S POLKA~^_^;
Quite an earworm of a song which has a Hatsune Miku version attached below~

 Next up are a few other note worthy posts in the forums, and news~
Join in the chat in the mini-chat box in the forums or take a surf in the new image gallery (new images updated every other day~)
Below are a few more preview images for Project Miku~
I'm just gettting Asuka to cosplay as Miku in the mean time, the Miku custom is only partially complete~^_^;
Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Old Meets New – New bodysuit mass order.

The final touches to the Gallery and Forum are in place for now, I can’t think of anymore huge improvements, though small add ons may still come now and then.
Now what’s left is to help some friends with the Links page and the Video chatroom.
The previous HQ bodysuit mass order has also been concluded and all suits been shipped out.
I’ve received a few more requests of suits wanted, so I’m trying to start another mass order. Well at least as many as I can muster within such a short period after an earlier order~^_^
So… Old meets new. Quite a few things in this post is related to old meeting the new thus I pick this title. I posted some pictures of Yu wearing Winter’s nurse uniform on a bed.
And thats kind of old meeting the new.
Not only that, the former pictures in my gallery and the forum gallery has been moved and merged into one large Gallery. So there is a more communal feel to the organising of photography materials.
Last but not least, the Forums has been given a facelift while retaining the same layout and usability.
Talking a little about the picture featured in this post, this shoot is taken quite early in the days when Yu was still modeling for this website.
The nurse outfit is a more fashionable version of real nurse uniforms (Although I do have a real nurse uniform photoshoot), but its more fun and kinky looking this way.
The entire outfit is made from white lycra and also bring quite thin at the same time, so it is quite form fitting.
A white corset is worn underneath the nurse outfit but it can only be seen from this view.
That is where the garter-belt is and white garter straps keep a pair of white opaque stockings on.
The nurse cap is attached to the hair with hair pins to keep it from sliding off and real latex gloves are worn on her hands.
It is a simple costume, but I think Yu pulled it off really well, looking quite sexy~^_^
Below are a few more related images of the shoot.
I hope you like them~